● Exfoliate the day before
● Do not moisturise the day of your tan
● No Perfumes or deodorants the day of your tan
● Drink plenty of fluids to keep your skin hydrated
● Shave prior to your tan (at least 8 hours if possible) and if getting a wax at least 12 hours prior.


● Wear/bring some loose fitting clothes
● It is best to not put a bra on straight away
● If it is wet out.. Bring an umbrella
● Allow approx 4 hours to develop - you may shower after this time.

Making your tan last as long as possible…

Your tan should last for around 7-10 days if you look after it.

Avoid hot showers or baths

Pat dry after your shower do not rub

We recommend using a moisturiser every day to help keep you tan looking good

** Please let us know on booking if this is your first spray tan, we will happily go through everything with you**